What is your cold cream of choice  for use on sore and ache muscles?  We had a fun little experiment on one of our Monday afternoon meetings where we each tried out the cold creams that either we sell in the clinic, or various other products that companies have sent samples to us to try out.  Here are the contenders:


Motion Medicine

Medistik solid 46%

Medistick spray 22%

After testing all five on each of our forearms, we rated each on smell, coldness, absorption rate, and length of skin sensation.  Here are our results:
  • Smell: Both Medistik products tied for first and Fisocrem was second with the overall most pleasant smell.  Fisocrem has a light tea tree oil scent, whereas the Medistik products have a sweet menthol smell.  
  • Coldness:  The Biofreeze had the overall coldest sensation.  Medistik spray 22% came in second.
  • Absorption rate:  Biofreeze absorbed through the skin the fastest and Motion Medicine came in second.
  • Longest lasting skin sensation:  Medistik 22% spray came in 1st and Biofreeze 2nd/.  
Needless to say, we all quite liked the effectiveness of the Medistik spray 22%.  As a therapist using cream in the treatment room, I prefer the slightly subtle coldness of Fisocrem for contact on my hands and the patient.  The ingredients are also different than the other cold creams on the market.  I don't feel that my hands get too excessively cold when using Fisicrem on several patients in a row. I do also use the Medistik spray, but can easily spray the product on the patients (while looking away as to not inhale).  

After completing this mini product sample, we will be adding Medistik spray 22% to our list of retail products available to purchase at MMD Chiropractic.