For some people, orthotics are the only device that provides any relief from pain.  For others, congenital deformities in the foot or toes prevent them from having a normal gait.  Whether you are experiencing pain or just looking for cushioning, orthotics can be very helpful for many.  

At MMD Chiropractic Health Centre, Dr. D'Andrea uses a foam mold to cast a patient for orthotics.  Orthotics are made by a local Chiropodist, Robert Nekrasas, and come in a wide variety of choices.  If you require shoes to go with your orthotics, we have several sources to offer a wide selection of dress, casual and sandals to be fit to your orthotic.  In addition, if you prefer a running shoe, The Runners Den located right next door will happily fit you for the proper high quality running shoe to use with your orthotics.  

Dr. D'Andrea requires approximately 30 min to perform an assessment of your feet and gait and mold your orthotics.  When booking this appointment, please indicate that you would like to be fit for orthotics.  In addition, if you are using your extended health care benefits to pay for the orthotics, please determine the specifics for claiming orthotics.  

For more information on how you may benefit from orthotics please book an appointment Dr. Marnie to discuss further.