By Dr. Marnie Mabee D’Andrea

Welcome to the Chiropractic Clinic!  In my last article, I wrote about why you should choose chiropractic care and some of the injuries we treat.  Here, I will discuss what you should expect on your first visit. 

Most chiropractic offices will book your initial visit for 30 minutes to an hour, as every chiropractor has their own initial visit procedures.  At our office, we book the initial visit for 1 hour and 15 minutes.  This gives you time to fill out the required paperwork; and allows us to complete a full assessment of your injuries and then provide you with treatment.  Keep in mind, it is often best to not take any pain medication on the day of or before your assessment.  The point of the initial assessment is to reproduce your symptoms to find the cause of the problem.  With that said, you may experience more pain after your initial because we may aggravate the tissues involved in your injury. 

A chiropractic initial can be very focused or generalized based on your specific problem.  For example, a shoulder injury will involve a lot more shoulder tests then an assessment of an achy spine.  All in all, as chiropractors, we are capable of assessing all the joints of the body through range of motion, orthopedic testing, neurological testing as well as, palpation of the muscles and soft tissues of the area of injury. 

Once we have completed the assessment you will be provided with results.  In our office, this is done right away, except in the cases where we need imaging, like x-rays or MRIs to be done prior to any treatment.  Once you have been given your results, we will discuss with you the treatment that would be the most appropriate for your specific condition.  Here, we would go through the frequency and duration of each treatment, as well as any risks associated with the recommended treatment.  If we feel that treatment can be provided on the same day of assessment, then we will finish with a treatment.  Any pain management techniques or exercises will be given to you if applicable. 

The initial assessment provides us with a thorough understanding of your health before we provide you with care.  If you are hurt or injured and are currently looking for care, we want to treat you.  Appointments are available online at  Check out our patient testimonials on our Instagram page under MMD Chiropractic Health Centre.