Chiropractic Fees

Initial Visit                               $120.00
Subsequent visit                      $58.00
Extended visit (30min)            $87.00
Reassessment/ New injury     $87.00

Orthotics                                 $450.00


Massage Fees 

Initial visit         $90.00    + HST
30 min              $60.00    + HST
45 min              $75.00    + HST
60 min              $90.00    + HST
75 min              $105.00  + HST
90 min              $125.00  + HST

** All patients presenting for their first massage must book an initial visit appointment.  This allows for a 15min assessment and then a 45min treatment.  

Payment by Cash, Cheque, Debit or Credit.  There is a $35 missed apt. fee for chiropractic and 60% of the fee for your missed massage therapy apt.  

Please call us if you need to reschedule.   

Dr. Marnie D'Andrea is a member of the Student Provider Network available to Mohawk students and McMaster Graduate students.  If you pay into a benefit plan while at school you may be eligible for our student program for chiropractic care. Visit  to find out if you are eligible.  This is not available to massage or physiotherapypatients. icons